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  • Fixing Business Partnerships Gone Wrong – Step 5: Regular Meetings

    This lack of meeting caused distrust in the accounting, no single vision for the future, no way of venting and no clear leadership.

  • Define your Vision for Systems and Processes

    Leadership abilities are in the eye of the beholder.

  • Overcoming Busyness in Business: Strategy 1 – Find Purpose

    Take a look at my calendar and you’ll see a busy guy.  You might be impressed at how I’ve left not white space in my Google calendar.  Everything is in there – eating schedule, workout schedule, meditation time, reading time, private events and business meetings. But what’s it all for? To make money?  To be a better human?  To squeeze everything I can out of life before my time is up?  Maybe all of the above? Anyone can seem busy.  Anyone can give themselves something to do just to feel like they are working.  But if we’re honest with each other, the day ends and sometimes we still feel empty, unfulfilled, and think back and say ‘what the heck did I do today’?  We literally can’t tell our spouses anything because we have no clue. Psalm 39:6 says “Surely everyone goes around like a mere phantom; in vain they rush about, heaping up wealth without knowing whose it will finally be." If a business has no purpose, the organization will be like zombies walking around just trying to collect their next paycheck.  Money is really the only purpose. If we entrepreneurs fill our schedules up with the purpose of making money, then we’re the same. Being a busy entrepreneur isn’t wrong, but busyness requires intention and purpose. This is a big reason why I had to make God my CEO, hold my calendar accountable to his purpose for my and my business, and fill it up according to moving forward on the visions he has given me. #EnhanceFocus

  • Restart Your Business: Day 19 – Stop What’s Wrong

    As we continue to witness Nehemiah’s leadership throughout the rebuilding of the wall, we get to a point where he calls out the Jewish leaders for their wrongdoings in charging interest to their own people.

  • What Business Does God Want Me to Start?

    Have you ever heard someone say “I was born to do this!”? Why is it that some people have a knack for crunching numbers and others have a talent of throwing footballs? Here is the good news: be encouraged that God equips us specifically to do the things He has called us to do! That is the beauty of gifts and talents – they enable us to be the entrepreneurs God intended. Of course, the reverse is also true – when we try to start a business other than what God has enabled us to do, we fall outside His entrepreneurial design for us and we are destined to fall short. As Christian entrepreneurs, we should spend our lives discovering and using our spiritual gifts and business talents. This pursuit is essential if we are to accomplish God’s entrepreneurial purpose for us, because we can’t do anything for Him without the gifts He gave us. With those gifts, however, we can accomplish a lot in our businesses. I, Alex Miranda, have a spiritual gift of prophesy, exhortation and teaching to help entrepreneurs uncover their God-given gifts, cultivate them and help them put them to work, for the glory of the Lord. Actively finding out your gifts and talents will be the single most important thing you’ll do in your entrepreneurial career. Next most important is putting them to use. If you need help finding yours, please take my Entrepreneurial Vision Experience course. #EnhanceFocus #FindingMyPurpose

  • Restart Your Business: Day 26 – Your Success is Your Testimony

    Back in 2008 when I got ‘born again’ into a relationship with God, I knew I was being watched. I realized my friends and family would be looking at me, questioning, and watching my next moves. Over the years they saw me transform my personal, business, physical and spiritual life. And aside from a few bumps, I think for the most part I’ve been a good testimony of the transforming nature of God in how he renewed me and continues to elevate me. In rebuilding my business The Creative Complex, many more will be able to see the transformation accomplished by my team – with the help of God. Everyone knows my help comes from above, I talk about it all the time. My enemies know too. What do I mean by enemies? In this case I use it in a ‘playful’ competitive way, but I mean other marketing agencies. They know I’ve lost key people and had to REBUILD from scratch. They’ve been watching, and now that the work is finished, they are keeping a closer eye. We all have enemies looking on our rebuilding process and wishing for our downfall.  Enemies can come in many forms, including competitors of your same product. With God as our help, we will succeed and be able to be a testimony to these competitors, and they will know that only God could have helped make this happen. God shows us in Nehemiah 6:15-16 how our enemies will react with the rebuilding is done: "So the wall was completed on the twenty-fifth of Elul, in fifty-two days.  When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations were afraid and lost their self-confidence, because they realized that this work had been done with the help of our God." When God is your strength and faith going through the rebuilding process, your success will be magnified by the decrease in your competition to even be able to compete!  But more importantly, our business becomes a testimony even to our enemies that God can do the same for their businesses. We entrepreneurs give thanks to our God for not only helping REBUILD our business but for also using us to help other entrepreneurs, even your competitors. #ShareYourTestimony #GainConfidence

  • Restart Your Business: Day 20 – Take an Oath

    My son became an Eagle Scout in 2014. A proud moment for our family was the oath he took to be an upstanding citizen. Oaths have a way of helping us keep our integrity, and the integrity of the community in which we’re making the oath to. In my business, we do what we can to help entrepreneurs visions come to life.  That’s my passion and purpose. I’m about helping others realize their entrepreneurial purpose. And I want my employees, vendors and contractors to feel the same way. It’s important that we get the ‘buy in’ from those working with us on the vision that we have as entrepreneurs. We want to change the world, and we need a team behind us to help. As we continue in Nehemiah, we see how the integrity of those working to help rebuild Jerusalem was made public through an oath. Nehemiah 5:12 says, “We will give it back,” they said. “And we will not demand anything more from them. We will do as you say.” Then I summoned the priests and made the nobles and officials take an oath to do what they had promised." Nehemiah could have taken the nobles and officials at their word, but he took it a step further and had them take an oath in front of the priests…representatives of God. There’s something magical about taking an oath in front of a group of people.  It tattoo’s your commitment to the cause. How can you implement an ‘oath’ when bringing people on to your team?  Maybe it’s an oath to you, then as the team grows its an oath to the entire team.  Maybe it’s a video oath to your customers and fans on social media? You can also take an oath in front of your team!  Watch how your integrity will be elevated to new levels as you make the ultimate commitment of publicly declaring your purpose and mission. #BecomeDisciplined #SharpenLeadership

  • Lessons from Partnerships Gone Wrong

    When I first started my business, the partnership between the founders was great!  Two of my best friends coming together to take matters into our own hands and leave the corporate life. But as we grew, we experienced conflicts with various parts in the business. From money to marketing, and hiring and firing, we bumped heads on a lot of things.  Attitudes flared, pride jumps in, one email would set a wildfire of email attacks, and we were back in conflict. As entrepreneurs, we all experience conflict in business partnerships much like we do in our personal relationships. Joint ventures gone wrong, teams that fall apart, we have times where we feel left out, singled out, treated unfairly, or undeserving of a harsh comment. As I grew closer to God in the years that my business grew, I would begin to handle these conflicts differently.  The Bible verse I had to memorize was Romans 5:3-4: “Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” You have to learn to stop and ask yourself “what can I do to grow (or help someone else grow) in the midst of these experiences?  You should trust God to work through the situation.  Just pray. God will teach you and your partners valuable business lessons through dealing with conflict in entrepreneurship. Godpreneur Rule #28: In times of conflict, Godpreneurs realize it’s a moment of potential growth and pray for God to work through the situation. #BuildMyPersonalBrand #AgencyOwners #BusinessPartnerships

  • Why We Need Haters In Business, and How to Handle Them

    As a branding agency, my job is to launch people’s business ideas. Being in this position gives me a lot of influence in the entrepreneur’s life because what I say and do has a direct impact on the success (or failure) of the business. Understanding this power I have is really what’s led me for most of my walk as a Christian entrepreneur. Knowing that I could point someone in the direction of their calling – regardless of their faith – has driven me to study anything and everything the bible has to say on the matter of discovering people’s calling and launching THAT business for them. My insatiable desire to launch the “right” business for someone is what led me to create Launch in 2 Days, a groundbreaking way of bringing a brand to life in 48 hours or less. This is a true market-disrupter. The branding world doesn’t like me right now. Other people that do logos and websites aren’t really happy with me. Customers love it, but my colleagues are hating. Why? They mainly say that there’s no possible way to come up with a great brand for someone in such a short time. They say that you need time to massage a brand’s message and that creativity can’t be rushed. And while I can see the value in taking time for many things, and that rushing in some situations is terrible, the act of bringing someone’s calling to life is something that needs to be done fast because the devil doesn’t want that product or service to existing. See, I’ve made my Launch in 2 Days service a product that stands against Satan and his lies that keep entrepreneurs from doing what they were born to do. And because I’ve made the brand of my business something that opposes the forces of darkness in this world, therefore, I will be persecuted by anything and everyone around me that isn’t on my side. Haters Come with the Entrepreneurship Game We, Godpreneurs, will all be persecuted for standing up for what we believe in our businesses. The policies we implement, our plans, our prices, our products – it will all be used against us because we’re purposing to do God’s will in the marketplace. But how do we suffer well? How can we keep going when even the ones we love the most are against us? How can we keep fighting for what we believe is right, also when we’re alone in our battle? Welcome to every Godpreneur’s dilemma! And who knew this was going to happen even before we would suffer? Jesus did. In the most famous preaching ever given on the planet, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount lays out the eight beatitudes, which are qualities of the people that enjoy special favor from God. I believe these qualities are the keys to unlocking the next levels of achievements in our businesses. But the eighth and final beatitude is different than the rest. The first seven beatitudes focused on humility, meekness, right relationships, mercy, purity of heart, and peacemaking. These were all positive qualities. But Jesus foreshadows the possibility of “persecution for righteousness’ sake.” The bible says, Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. (Matthew 5:10‭-‬12 NIV) Jesus knew that if you follow the first seven beatitudes, you’ll see your life change and achieve more. But because you’ll see more success, you’ll also see persecution. Haters will hate because the forces that oppose God’s ways in the business world still hold great power in the marketplace. It sounds contrarian, but Jesus is talking about the blessing of being persecuted for doing right in business! Why There’s Persecution in Business But why would you be persecuted for righteousness? The reality is many will reject us Godpreneurs because we’re in a fallen world! Jesus points out that any entrepreneur who announces God’s kingdom through their brand will be persecuted (Matt. 5:11-12). As Godpreneurs, we may be subjected to active, even severe persecution if we stand up against injustices in the marketplace. For me, I feel it’s an injustice for a branding agency to launch an entrepreneur’s business just because they pay me, and not take into account if this business is even the business they should be going into. Others in my industry disagree, and that’s when I get persecuted. The good news is that my clients don’t mind it at all. Once I explain my logic to them, they agree with me! And because my clients agree with me, they bless me with their business, and I keep on doing more launches! Bring On The Haters Our blessing is that active persecution for the right reasons is an indication that the powers of darkness believe we are succeeding in furthering God’s kingdom! In other words, more suffering and persecution means we’re on the right track! Hallelujah 🙌 Imagine if we all had the courage to look our haters straight in the eye and love them even more because they are helping us live out all of the qualities described in the beatitudes in our marketplaces. Jesus, I pray for the courage to run my business in humility, meekness, right relationships, mercy, and purity of heart. Please give me the strength to be a peacemaking Godpreneur who hungers for righteousness and answers the call to reflect your kingdom’s values in my marketplace. If I am persecuted for these things by my partners, employees, clients, or anyone I do business with, may You be my comfort. #SharpenLeadership

  • Jesus’ 8 Steps to Achieving Greatness in Business – Step 2: We Need Hurt

    When I’m interviewing a client looking to start a business or rebrand their company, one of the first questions I ask is, “what do you see wrong in your industry that you feel you have the solution to?” The reason I ask this question is that what hurts or pains my client reveals something unique about themselves that helps me to guide them towards the product and solution offering that they should bring to the marketplace. For example, two of my biggest pains in branding are My friends and family launching businesses that they have no business being in because it’s nowhere near their calling in life My friends and family taking FOREVER to launch their business idea – either from procrastinating or because they are working with someone that’s taking too long on their branding Because I hurt and pain for these things, I came up with a solution – Launch in 2 Days. It’s a weekend event where I help people discover what they were born to do in business, and I help bring it to life. This isn’t self-promotion. I’m illustrating that out of my pain, my hurt, and my mourning for friends and family investing their hard-earned money into a business idea, and seeing them do it all wrong; I was inspired to create something awesome. If we think about it, entrepreneurship is the art of seeing that somethings not right in the marketplace, and we have the solution for it. There wasn’t a breakfast spot close by to enjoy (which is tragic), so someone built one. There wasn’t a tool for making sure the frames on the wall are hung straight (which is painful to look at), so someone invested one. A client took an entire year of revision to finalize their logo, then blames it on the agency and asks for a refund (which is both frustrating and sorrowful), so someone came up with a way to get it all done in two days. When we face evil, sadness, pain, or tragedy in our businesses or our personal lives, God sees our sorrow, comforts us, and puts our brains to work to come up with policies, products, services, and solutions to resolve that life doesn’t have to be this way. Jesus says: Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. (Matthew 5:4 NIV) What Jesus is telling entrepreneurs is that business is tough, but there’s a silver lining for those with the mindset of processing the pain correctly. Jesus’ second step to achieving greatness in business is that without pain, there can’t be a gain. The world around you is broken, nothing is perfect. Bodies aren’t perfect, so doctors and scientists work tirelessly to fix it. The weather isn’t perfect, so meteorologists and inventors fix it. The economy isn’t perfect, so Wall Street, the government, and financial institutions fix it. Relationships are tough, so a world of coaches and counselors aid it. When you are blessed with the ability to mourn about something in your industry or marketplace, you can receive the ideas you need from the Holy Spirit (your calling in business) to come up with the products and services to fix it. It’s a blessing to go through pain in business because the million-dollar idea can be birthed through the tragedy. Sometimes the pain you experience in business was caused by your own mistakes. If you know you took forever in completing a client’s project, and you see all of the areas where you went wrong in the process, that anger and pain you feel when the client fires you should be used not to retaliate or insult the client, but to feel the need to change your systems and processes, so it doesn’t happen again. That little tweak in your operations can make a million-dollar difference and can change the trajectory of business moving forward. You might even come up with a service called Launch in 2 Days because of this. It’s ok that we mourn in business. It’s essential to the health of our business that we go through tragic times. If we Godpreneurs never grieve over anything, it means one of three things: We’re out of touch with the marketplace, we’re out of touch with our own emotions, or we don’t love. Because when we love, and we see or experience sad things in the world, then that can make us grieve and come up with a solution. Loss in business is the tool that God gives us to get through the transitions towards achieving the untapped potential that’s always waiting within us. Imagine if we all went back in time and addressed painful experiences hurt us, and we dealt with it and genuinely mourned over it. What kind of changes would that bring about in our daily operations or the products and services we are currently offering? Today, go back and grieve. Is there any evil or pain in the world that you want to bring before God in prayer today so He can reveal your breakthrough? Let me pray for you. Dear heavenly Father, you created us to pain for the things you pain for. Help us to acknowledge that sorrow and be comforted by you so we can receive the divine inspiration we need to give us the courage to find solutions and take action to fix it through the businesses you’ve entrusted us with. In Jesus name, amen! #BusinessBibleStudy #SharpenLeadership Jesus’s 8 Steps For Achieving Greatness in Business Achieving greatness starts when we learn about humble dependence on God and trust that He will always bring new resources into our business. Heard of the Godpreneur Academy? Grow Your Business, God’s Way! Bible-Based Video Courses for Entrepreneurs Putting God First In their Businesses Click here to create a Free Account

  • How to Part Ways in Business Relationships

    I don’t like conflict. I avoid it. I do everything in my power to block it from my mind. Sometimes I’ll stay in a hurtful business relationship simply because I don’t want to have the conversation.  It happens with partners, employees, contractors, vendors and clients. I guess I just want the problem to disappear on its own. I want the relationship to fizzle out and make itself disappear. The problem with this strategy is that it takes time and leaves too many lose ends untied. Worst case is that the relationship doesn’t fizzle and next thing I know it’s 1 year later and I’m still involved. I believe relationships are a temporary assignment by God to help two people achieve a purpose in a season of both people’s lives.  How temporary?  It could be seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, even decades.  It’s not up to us.  We just need to recognize that it’s temporary. (PS I’m not talking about your marriage, that’s something God brought together and you need to work through it until death do you part.  Some of you readers were getting really excited where I was going with this, I could tell.) We want relationships to work, and I think we all have a tendency to avoid conflict and stay together because it’s our instinct (survival by numbers) and it’s God’s intention for us to be in community and communication with others so we can grow. In Acts 15, Paul and Barnabas got into a dispute about where to go next with the gospel, their mission in growing the church.  There’s no detail on how the dispute went down, but in the end, they went separate ways to accomplish whatever their spirit was insisting they do. "They had such a sharp disagreement that they parted company. Barnabas took Mark and sailed for Cyprus, but Paul chose Silas and left, commended by the believers to the grace of the Lord. He went through Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the churches." Acts 15:39‭-‬41 NIV God had them both together for a season. They needed each other. But now God was ready for them to go their separate ways…to accomplish more separately than they could together. Maybe you’re in a relationship that it’s time to recognize that the season was great together, but now it’s time to go and accomplish your hearts missions on your own. This is an easy conversation to have when you speak from a perspective of “what does God want us to do?” It’s a matter of two people reflecting on their goals, visions, and missions that God has for them and recognizing that the two might not align anymore and it’s time to move on. Imagine the strife we could all avoid if everyone was focused on the mission God has set out for each of us individually. We would recognize seasons endings much faster so we could all accomplish God’s purposes sooner. Godpreneur Rule #84: Godpreneurs recognize that relationships are seasonal and gracefully communicate that when wanting to part ways. #EnhanceFocus #BusinessPartnerships

  • Overcoming Busyness in Business: Strategy 3 – Find Perspective

    I used to think I had to do everything myself.  After all, I started the company!  I’m in charge of finances, sales, marketing and operations.  And within each, I have hats within hats to wear.  It’s all my responsibility and I need to make sure I can do it all in the 18 hours I’m awake in the day. But 18 hours isn’t enough, so I put things off for the next day….and the next…and the next.  When I come to realize it, my email box is full of 3,000 unread emails and my to-do list has stretched to page 3 on a legal pad. Sometimes I dream of taking a trip to a cabin in North Carolina for 1 month, locking myself in a room, and doing everything I can to catch up. 24 hours just isn’t enough in a day to do it all.  Yup, that’s the truth. So how do we accomplish everything we need to do to run a successful business?!  How will we bring our dreams of growth and expansion to life if all we have is 24 hours in a day? One thing I’ve learned in growing in my relationship with God is that He will accomplish through you what he needs to accomplish in the time available.  Imagine checking in with your CEO (God) in the morning and asking for the critical tasks of the day.  He would know exactly what you need to do, after all, he came up with the 24-hour day! In the book of Job, God challenges Job’s frustrations and says something that I always remember when I’m frustrated at God’s design of the world. Job 38:4 “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand." And in Job 38:12 “Have you ever given orders to the morning, or shown the dawn its place," Whenever you catch yourself complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day, remember the power of the two verses above.  It should give you the right perspective on how to see the day of work laid out before you:  God’s perspective. If we were very honest with ourselves, the reality is that God’s 24-hour design is perfect, but we are the ones that get distracted, do unnecessary work, and are inefficient. As Godpreneurs, God’s our CEO and he knows what he’s doing. We can wish for more time, but we’re not going to get it. We can’t make our days longer. What you can do is see your work from God’s perspective and leave the rest in His hands. If everything in our businesses depended on us, no amount of hours would ever, ever be enough. #SharpenLeadership #ImproveTimeManagement

  • Restart Your Business: Day 16 – Day and Night

    My schedule is packed.  I wake up early in the morning, make my coffee, read my bible, pray, and its off to the races. And when I’m done with the long day, its right back to work, building the business from home. It’s important for my team to see me working day and night, it motivates them and shows them they have a leader that works just as hard, if not harder, than they do! I love watching the show The Profit. Marcus always is eager to get into the process and figure things out. I’ve seen him cleaning, painting, getting dirty in his new ventures. We get motivated and encouraged by leaders that are willing to get their hands dirty, get in the trenches to make things happen. In Nehemiah 4:21-23 we read about a leader that’s standing side-by-side his team while the threat of an attack loomed. "So we continued the work with half the men holding spears, from the first light of dawn till the stars came out. At that time I also said to the people, “Have every man and his helper stay inside Jerusalem at night, so they can serve us as guards by night and as workers by day.” Neither I nor my brothers nor my men nor the guards with me took off our clothes; each had his weapon, even when he went for water." As you read about this leader and his style, are there any comparisons to you? Do you need to change some things to step it up as a leader? We Godpreneurs need to fight side by side with our team, day and night, with weapons of prayer and praise. #ArticulatingMyIdeas #BecomeDisciplined

  • The People We Left in Place Aren’t Doing Their Job. What do Christian Entrepreneurs Do?

    In the business of web and graphic design, there are lots of steps to completing a job.  There are many places the project can go wrong.  There’s a lot of possibilities that the customer can be displeased.  When you’re dealing with someone’s identity, a lot is at stake and you have to make sure the job is done perfectly. I spent a lot of time on my systems and processes.  I wrote out training manuals, scripts for customer service, and invested in making sure my team knew how to complete jobs. One day I get a call from a client towards the end of the project and it was to tell me about the horrifying experience she had had with my company.  I was devastated, angry, frustrated, and determined to fix it.  I made some drastic changes including letting go of some people. The point of being an entrepreneur is to be able to build a business the way we would run it, put the right people in place that will duplicate our ways, and hopefully be able to walk away and have a steady profit coming into our bank accounts each month.  When we come in, it should be to check-in, put out fires, and contribute more ideas that could help turn a better profit for yourself. But what happens when we come back and the system is bad?  The people we left in place aren’t doing their job and the product or service we thought our customers were receiving is not something we would approve? Nehemiah experienced the same thing when he returned to Jerusalem after 12 years (I don’t suggest leaving your business for 12 years….or even 12 months….maybe 12 days MAX).  When he returned, the city had fallen back into sin.  The Sabbath wasn’t being honored and systems and processes weren’t being followed according to the law of the book.  Needless to say, Nehemiah was upset and acted harshly to fix things. Nehemiah 13:19-22 reads When evening shadows fell on the gates of Jerusalem before the Sabbath, I ordered the doors to be shut and not opened until the Sabbath was over. I stationed some of my own men at the gates so that no load could be brought in on the Sabbath day. Once or twice the merchants and sellers of all kinds of goods spent the night outside Jerusalem. But I warned them and said, “Why do you spend the night by the wall? If you do this again, I will arrest you.” From that time on they no longer came on the Sabbath. Then I commanded the Levites to purify themselves and go and guard the gates in order to keep the Sabbath day holy. Remember me for this also, my God, and show mercy to me according to your great love. Can you see how disobeying God’s laws, even in the simplest ways, will eventually lead to committing a full-blown offense? It’s the same in our businesses.  You’ve spent all of this time to RESTART your business, why wouldn’t we continue to do ‘business by the book’? The sins of entrepreneurship can easily come back into play:  pride, envy, greed, sloth. My recommendation is have a systematic weekly meeting to check-in with your team and make sure systems and processes are being followed. make sure that you keep your relationship with God intact, always reading in the mornings and praying for your business, clients, employees, vendors, and contractors. make harsh changes when you feel the spirit leading you to. We Godpreneurs have a blessing to be able to carry out businesses for God.  But like Jerusalem, they can fall if unattended.  And like our own spiritual walk, it can fall if unattended. My prayer is that these 40 days have helped you grow more spiritually than as an entrepreneur, but that growing in both together you’ll be able to impact the work we are all committed to in growing the kingdom of God. #BibleStudy #nehimiah #restartyourbusiness

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