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  • Unlocking the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for Entrepreneurs

    Today, I want to talk about the gifts of the holy spirit in entrepreneurship. God gave us business owners access to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the Holy Spirit, we are given the fullness of grace. We open ourselves up for God to use us in the marketplace through the Holy Spirit. of miracles discerning of spirits The Holy Spirit works these gifts in you for the profit of all your

  • The One Secret to Becoming Christ-Like in Business

    The holy spirit. THE HOLY SPIRIT GIVES ENTREPRENEURS POWER The Bible says, “But you shall receive power when the Holy What is this power from the Holy Spirit for? You absolutely cannot do this in your own strength, only through the power the Holy Spirit gives you. The great news is that the Holy Spirit will lead and empower you in development to learn obedience to

  • Sin In Your Business Life Got You Stressed?

    Enter our helper: the Holy Spirit. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE ENTREPRENEUR'S HELPER In my previous post, I talked about the Holy Spirit as our Now, I'm going to show you that the Holy Spirit is also the source of our help for turning from sin. I needed the power of the Holy Spirit to rescue my soul from that. The Holy Spirit gives you power for victory over conscious sin in your business.

  • How Your Body Helps Your Business Grow

    I stopped listening to my mind and started focusing on my body - the temple of the holy spirit. The mind prevents us from Godpreneurship - entrepreneurship in the present presence of the holy spirit the temple where the holy spirit dwells - we can leave the mind and be present with our God-given holy Paul elevates our bodies to the level of being temples, holy places, that house the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit knows what's best for you and your business.

  • Sin In Business I Didn't Even Know I Had

    This miracle is able to happen because of our intercessor: the Holy Spirit. THE HOLY SPIRIT IS THE ENTREPRENEUR'S INTERCESSOR In my previous two posts, I wrote about the Holy Spirit's This is where God gives us the Holy Spirit as our intercessor. (Romans 8:26 ESV) In addition to being our power and helper, another task of the Holy Spirit is to intercede Yet, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can still overcome these deeds of the body after they have

  • Waiting for God to Open Doors

    (Revelations 2:4) Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit is our guide, and He knows the (Galatians 5:16) Be joyful: be grateful and ask the Holy Spirit to fill us up with joy. Joy is a fruit of the Holy Spirit and if we find ourselves lacking joy, let us ask the Holy Spirit to

  • 3-Part Formula to Becoming a More Grateful Entrepreneur

    Gratitude is something that is cultivated over time through the Holy Spirit, and I'm going to explain Being controlled by the Spirit includes gratitude. The Spirit-filled Christian entrepreneur is a person who is regularly thankful for what God has done HOLY SPIRIT FILLED: Realizing that what you fill yourself with will eventually pour out into that community In the same way, being filled with the Holy Spirit would change your behavior in a more Christ-like way

  • Suppressing the Entrepreneur's Ego, God's Way

    The cause of this is the enemy's control of our present moment - instead of the Holy Spirit. This means that we can crowd out the holy spirit during our day, allowing the enemy to take control even Instant gratification is another way the enemy robs an entrepreneur of their present moment holy spirit It wants to rob you of your present relationship with your holy spirit be the most important part of However, if we fix our eyes on Jesus and focus on becoming more like him, we feed the holy spirit, starve

  • Big Goals and Dreams Come With Entrepreneurship. Here's What Most People Don't Know About God's Part

    Whatever you feel the holy spirit moving you to do, then do. The holy spirit won't prompt you to do something tomorrow. Your brain does. Not the holy spirit. The spirit works in the NOW.

  • Dealing With Non-Christian Business Relationships

    As I began to leave that world, disconnecting my mind from the enemy's control and becoming more spirit-filled After I studied the opposing forces of the enemy's control of the mind versus the present holy spirit When we Godpreneurs grow in our relationship with God and commune more with the Holy Spirit, we become daily with someone who lives entirely in the presence of their spirit. spirit and personal savior, Jesus.

  • Help! My Business Sufferings Are Just Too Much To Handle

    The Holy Spirit living in the Christian is far stronger than any attack by the Devil. Doing business in the present is an internal process of communing with your Holy Spirit through feelings God can work through your Spirit to inspire new thoughts. As Godpreneurs, we should not waste our inner Spirit resources creating problems. Instead, exercising the use of our God-given Holy Spirit and focusing on the present, while starving

  • Overcoming The Pain Of Losing A Business

    I've been writing a lot about entrepreneurship in the spirit - how to be fully present with the holy spirit and engaged in the right here and right now of what God wants me to do. Because there are things, God is doing that you can't understand right now, and since the Holy Spirit Instead of surrendering to God and communing in the presence of the Holy Spirit, you've fed the enemy This is the peace only entrepreneurship in the spirit can give.

  • A Christian Entrepreneurs Guide to Meditation

    God sent us the holy spirit as a practical tool to disconnect our minds from past and future thoughts is freedom. (2 Corinthians 3:17 ESV) The holy spirit is God's tool to free our minds. Becoming more connected to your holy spirit and the "heaven on earth" that Jesus promises won't happen But training your mind to be present with the holy spirit is possible - and the Godpreneur Method of Stay present with your holy spirit.

  • 3 Keys for Developing Spiritual Discernment in Business

    Second, discernment comes through spiritual maturity; Hebrews 5:12-14 says that discernment is something spiritual babies don’t have (a baby will stick anything in his mouth). Third, discernment can be given as a gift from the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:10). We can think another entrepreneur is a great guy or a spiritual leader when they are really doing damage

  • Understanding That Your Blog is a Work in Constant Progress

    This kind of thinking isn’t normal; however, thank God we have the Holy Spirit to call us back to the God knew you would have self-doubt, and that’s why you have the Holy Spirit to call on and inspire you When in doubt, we Christian business bloggers can ask the Holy Spirit to unblock our creative flow and