Reprogramming Mind to Build Wealth In Your Business

Your mind regulates your money habits like a thermostat.


Having owned my own branding agency since 2005, I’ve come across all types of entrepreneurs looking to start businesses.  Not only did I have a financial transaction with them, but I also got to know them and learn how they think.

Each entrepreneur had a different relationship to money and wealth. Some had the ‘Midas’ touch, and whatever I launched for them turned to gold. Other people earn lots of money with a good business concept, but then get prideful and throw it all out the window with either bad business, personal decisions, or lose it in bad investments. Others would meet with me only to waste my time and never invest a dime in themselves, and are still broke.

Many of us Godpreneurs think that once we’ve acquired the right knowledge about business strategies and financial management, God will bless us financially, automatically, and we’ll be successful. We might also think that if we launched that business that we’re passionate about (the one God spoke to us in our dreams to do), that we’ll magically know how to handle the money when/if it comes.

However, our income and monetary transactions don’t depend so much on skill, luck, or fate as they do on unconscious thought patterns we all have ingrained in us.

Our walk with Christ is a process of emptying ourselves of our old thoughts. This is a process in which God’s timing will perfectly align with the time that it takes for us to overcome old thought patterns.


See, we all have specific thought structures saved permanently in our minds. The successful millionaire entrepreneurs I’ve worked with all were programmed for wealth, while my other clients and prospects were programmed for a medium or low-income level.

Rich people think big, take risks, and were taught from birth that being wealthy is their birthright.  On the other hand, the rest of us were taught to play it safe, fear the rich, get a job, be stable, and take the easy route.

Our childhood experiences and role models shaped these thought patterns and continue to guide all of our behavior to such an extent that they directly influence our level of wealth later on.


The bible says in Proverbs 22:6:

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Normally, this bible verse is used to help new mothers and fathers understand their role as parents. In this case, I’m showing it to you to reinforce the fact that YOU were trained as a child the way you should go with your finances, and you’re not departing from it because that’s how God designed us. What if we were trained WRONG?  Then we have some UNTRAINING to do.

Unfortunately, for the 80% of the world that lives paycheck to paycheck, you’re not able to get out of the pattern you’re in because you were taught from very young to invoke wrong money thoughts and habits.

Whether you have thousands, millions, billions, your income hardly ends up deviating from the levels that were set for you in your childhood. Why? Because your mind regulates your money habits like a thermostat. If your thermostat is set too low, as soon as you get your hands on some extra cash, you throw your money around. But, if your thermostat is set on high, that is, on wealth, you immediately offset a money shortage by saving and usually make sure your wealth grows.

The sad reality is that most Godpreneurs are programmed from childhood to earn a low income, which means we all have the potential to be trusted with a lot of money – but very few of us manage to keep the money and accumulate lasting wealth. In contrast, billionaires (Christian or not) may lose unspeakable quantities of money at times, but they always regain their wealth because they think like billionaires.

Godpreneur Rule:  Godpreneurs learn to disregard our old thought patterns and overwrite them with Kingdom thinking