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When your spirit is crashed

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

After a pitch, my business partner and I left the meeting feeling hopeful that we would win the bid. We spoke excitedly on our way back to the office about how the pitched project would be a breakthrough and would give us consistent cash flow. Cash flow is the backbone of any business.

A week passed by and I followed up with the company’s representative to forward the bid. He mentioned that the procurement department was yet to select a company for the project. I hung up the phone, and l told myself to remain hopeful. The following week came, and there was no update. As I dialed the number of the representative, I was overwhelmed with anxiety and dread. Anxious thoughts started popping into my mind: Is the company lying to us? Has the contract been awarded to another company? Did we miss the mark during the pitch?

By the end of the conversation, I sensed that the company had chosen another business to carry out the project. I updated my business partner, and I ended the call feeling like I crashed. My spirit felt overwhelmed and crashed. I needed a breakthrough for the business. Cash flow was nonexistent, and bills were piling up.

Have you found yourself in a situation where your spirit is crashed? You wonder if you will ever see a turnaround in your circumstances. Later that night, as I prayed, the following scripture came to mind:

The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, to guide and to shield me], I shall not want. He lets me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still and quiet waters. He refreshes and restores my soul (life); He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Even though I walk through the [sunless] [a]valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod [to protect] and Your staff [to guide], they comfort and console me. (Psalm 23:1-4, AMP)

The verses reassured me that God is with me and He is guiding me through every situation. It further affirmed that everything I need comes from Him, and with every step I make, He is protecting me. You may be facing some dire circumstances, and your spirit is crushed. Reflect upon Psalm 23 and know that God is guiding you just as a shepherd guides his sheep to green pastures and streams to quench their thirst. God is with us through it all, and He will protect, guide, and comfort us along our entrepreneurial journey.

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