Unlocking the Gifts of the Holy Spirit for Entrepreneurs

Today, I want to talk about the gifts of the holy spirit in entrepreneurship.

God gave us business owners access to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Imagine what we could do in the marketplace if we had gifts of healing, prophecy, tongues, interpretation, the Word of knowledge, the Word of wisdom, the working of miracles, and the discerning of spirits.

Just reading those gifts, my brain is already running wild on how to profit from these gifts.

However, we can't work for these gifts, we can't buy them, and we can't choose them like picking your favorite color of Starburst candy. In the Holy Spirit, we are given the fullness of grace. This means that accessing specific gifts of the Spirit isn't accomplished by anything we do or don't do.

They are gifts, and similar to gifts we receive from friends and family for our birthday, we only receive gifts because there was a loving relationship established with the giver of that gift.

If we want to unlock the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it will only be accomplished in one way: our entirely focused love and devotion to Jesus.


In 2014, I rebuilt my branding agency from the ground up. The Holy Spirit gave me the power to personally change my identity from a nightclub promoter to a follower of Jesus.