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Time to (re)Evaluate Your Identity?

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I struggle with an identity crisis all the time. Who am I as an entrepreneur? What’s my next move, and how will others see me when I make that move? I’m constantly second-guessing my moves…in pursuit of an identity that pleases the market.

We all do this. It’s in our nature. We seek to identify with people, groups, communities, brands, sports teams, etc. It gives us a sense of belonging.

Since my gifting is to help people and companies find their identity, I’ve dedicated a lot of my time in thought and prayer to the subject. What I know from God is that there are two identities.

1) Our first identity that never changes is in Christ. When we accept Christ, we put on our new selves. This identity never changes. We are children of God. From this comes our primary purpose which is to spread the good news and help others receive their identity.

2) Now that we know that identity, God wants to reveal to us our second identity and second purpose. This is the one I’m heavily involved in because it has to do with connecting God’s purpose with your entrepreneurial venture.

You’re constantly strengthening your primary purpose in Christ, but it never changes to anything else.

Your secondary purpose is constantly changing due to your first purpose constantly growing. This means that business identity is something that needs to be constantly reevaluated and changed due to purpose changing.

Is it time for your evaluation?

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