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There are 4 Types of Godpreneurs – Take the Test and Find Out Yours

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Following God’s directions, being in the right industry, having the right partner, those all are things we all Godpreneurs want.

Haven’t you wondered how would it be to be aligned with God’s purpose in your business?

Have you thought if there is a right type of business for you? What’s your leadership style? How are your relationships with co-workers? Those are all things we once have asked ourselves in order to succeed in business.

Which are your values? You’re not in business yet but you’d love to!

Then I encourage you to take our Godpreneur test!

There are 4 types of Godpreneurs in the world and knowing which one you are will help you pick the right partners, get into the right type of business, and sell the right product or services that fit your DNA.

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