Successful Businesses Have United Workforces

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

In my company Creative Complex, we’re united to help entrepreneurs find their God-given identity…what they were born to do!  We do this by, first, making it very clear that to have a calling on your life, there must be a ‘caller’.  We’re not ashamed to talk about Jesus and share our testimonies of how the way our business USED TO BE, to how it is now.  In fact, for us to do the best possible work for our clients, we MUST tap into the spirit of our clients.

We’re not crazy….OK, maybe we are!  We’re nuts about our clients understanding that in order to create a great brand, we must get to the core of why the company and entrepreneur exist!  Every person on my team, from my executive assistant to my graphic designer overseas, knows the plans we have as a company to reach over 10,000 entrepreneurs with our message.


I tell you this to say that we are all united under one message and one cause: spread our message.

When we entrepreneurs can find a message and a cause, we have the opportunity to unite people in our cause and create a movement.

Some of us think that people are motivated by money.  We think that people are moved by bonuses, perks, or cool products to sell.

And if we are motivated by these things ourselves, our workforce will be too.

But God left a blueprint for uniting a workforce and creating a movement.

In the second chapter of the book of Acts, God sends down the holy spirit into all the believers, uniting them under ONE CAUSE: Jesus, and spreading that love.

The uniting work of the Spirit of God through the preac