Restart Your Business: Day 8 – Praise Your Team

I’m not a guy that gives a lot of praise. It doesn’t come naturally for me to recognize people’s efforts. I do it because I read in books that it’s good for Team and relationship building, but its forced.

What I’ve noticed is that giving praise and appreciation to your team does magic in keeping the fire and passion lit. I’m glad that I’ve changed and now its becoming natural for me to give recognition.

On day 4 we picked our team. What would happen if all we did was work our team to exhaustion and never say thank you or give credit for their role in the rebuilding? What if the opposite was true? What if all we did was praise our team for their amazing talents, recognizing we couldn’t do this alone.

That’s what Nehemiah spent a good part of chapter 3 doing. He pretty much devotes an entire chapter on listing the names of the people that are helping him build the wall.

Talk about an amazing leader! God’s given us entrepreneurs an example of a leader that praises while rebuilding.

What can you do to praise your team along the way? Sending hand written notes? Private messages? Snapchat something fun! Tweet publicly, post on their Facebook Wall.

If we recognize those helping us build, it will encourage them to continue the fight, encouraged and motivated by a charismatic entrepreneur!

Your Entrepreneur Compass,

Alex Miranda

Here are 10 Ways to Show Your Employee Appreciation TODAY.

P.S.  Comment below with any fears or frustrations you have that hold you back from getting started.

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