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How to Create a Vision for Your Business Partnership?

Updated: Aug 28, 2021

I have a vision board that I look at almost every day. I love this exercise because I get to envision what I want my life to look like. I can add, remove, rearrange, and re-engineer my life whenever I want.

This board fuels me. I get to see where I want to go visually. Sure, it gets frustrating sometimes when I haven’t achieved something on my board yet, but its purpose is really to FUEL me to become a better version of me.

Envisioning our ideal business partnership and God’s purpose for it can also fuel us to become all He intended for us and our business.

As partners, we must ask ourselves what we really want for our partnership. What’s the perfect vision of our joining together for this venture we’re in?

It’s an easy question to ask, but difficult to honestly answer. Why? Because the answer is often buried under a whole bunch of other fake answers.

Here’s what our vision is NOT:

  1. what others expect or desire for our business partnership

  2. what our parents, kids, or pastor wants for your venture

  3. what we want to want

  4. what we know we should want

  5. what we feel obligated to provide for our partnership

Now that we know the answers we DON’T want to cloud our minds with, we can approach the question with an open and prayerful heart: what does God want for our partnership?

The Bible lets us know that it’s possible for us to know what God thinks. And yes, even though his ways are higher (Isaiah 55:8-9), we see a counterbalance back to let us know we can get the vision too.

  1. The Spirit of God guides and empowers our business thoughts to align with His (Romans 8:11).

  2. God’s Spirit convicts and corrects us when our businesses get off track (Psalms 32:8; John 14:26).

  3. Godpreneurs have the mindset of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), and when we seek Him first in our business partnerships, He gives us the desires of our heart (Psalms 37:4)—the things our business is passionate about when surrendered to our Creator, actually come from Him. Those passions and the goals you already envision for your business partnership reveals His purpose.

The most important question you and your partner need to sit down and ask yourself to be successful is: As partners, what do we really want for our season in business together?

Imagine where business partnerships would be worldwide if we all started with asking ourselves what the ideal partnership would be and God’s purpose for it. If we did this, the vision would help fuel our partnerships to become all He intended, and the marketplace as a whole would have better products, services, and people.

Godpreneur rule: Godpreneurs intentionally set aside time to dream together as partners.


Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership

You and your business partner are unique individuals and God is creative in the way He wants to use both of your gifts together.


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