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Define your Vision for Systems and Processes

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Vision isn’t just about where you see yourself or your company in 3 days, 3 months, 3 years, or 3 decades.

Sure, we’ve all done the ‘vision board’ where we put the picture of our future home and car.  I even had a jet on my vision board (which I still want).

But have you checked your vision on the system and processes that run your well-oiled machine?  Does your vision for operating your business look like an Ikea one-sheeter teaching you to build a cabinet, or does it look like the blueprint of a Boing 747?

Squeaky clean and complicated systems and processes are what keep the profits coming in. Only profits will allow you to create more profit, more jobs and more time for yourself.

Your diets need to be complex.

Your workouts need to be complex.

Your relationships need to be complex.

Your business systems and processes need to be complex.

Who will manage these complex systems if you can’t?  Well, that’s why you see a dietitian, hire a workout coach and choose a church to belong to.  This helps establish a complex system for delivering results.

As for business, you either hire a business consultant to help you build this system and process, or your craft it yourself. You then find the right person(s) to micro-manage your system.

Leadership abilities are in the eye of the beholder. Great leaders to some are poor leaders to others. Building a business around systems and processes that produce profit can’t be argued against.

Either you have profits, or you don’t.

Focus on your vision of systems and processes for your business.

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