Dealing With Abusive Business Partners, God's Way!

I was a passive business partner. I couldn't say no. I avoided conflict, partners would take advantage of me, and in the end, I always felt like a victim.

Sometimes, I would find myself partnering with the opposite of me: aggressive partners. To me or others, they would act unhappy to make a point, deny their anger, use sarcasm a lot, plan revenge, deliberately hurt others, raise their voice, and act out their anger.

What's funny is that I would always end up becoming more passive-aggressive in the partnership, and my aggressive partner would also become more passive-aggressive. We'd both end up in the middle of the spectrum of being passive-aggressive.

Passive, aggressive, and everything in between is no way to act in a business partnership.

What was happening in my business partnerships was that I didn't set clear boundaries directly. So boundaries had a way of making themselves known more indirectly through passive, passive-aggressive, and aggressive behaviors.

Sadly, these are popular yet ineffective communication techniques that plague even the godliest business partnerships.

Passive and aggressive behaviors in business partnerships are just a poor attempt at communicating a boundary. Instead of directly stating how we’ve been hurt, we act out or avoid how we feel and just hope the other person figures out what they’ve done wrong. More often than not, this approach only frustrates the other business partner who is entirely clueless about the problem.

Passive and aggressive behaviors are prevalent in business partnerships since we often expect our partners to have some telepathic insight into our needs. But, the truth is, our partner can’t read our mind, and it’s unreasonable to expect it.

God would want us to communicate our needs directly. He'd like us to express our boundaries directly by asserting them verbally and then back them up with action.