The Best Marriage Coach for Entrepreneurs

Godpreneurs, God promises in His Word through prayer, things will turn around in our business and marriage.


I have a sales coach that I’m constantly in communication with. I bring him my goals and aspirations, and he helps me create a plan for achieving them. I also bring him my problems, and he guides me through them.

I speak to him at least twice a month for 45 minutes. This holds me accountable to the homework from the last call. This constant communication pushes me to new levels.

But I’ll admit that I’ve missed a few calls. And if I’m honest, I missed the calls because I either didn’t do my homework, fell off the wagon of my goals, and I didn’t believe that a phone call would get me back on track.

We all have problems that come up in our business and marriage that we could be bringing up to someone that has more experience than us. This authority over our situation can help keep hope alive and progress us towards victory.

But if we cut off the communication with those very people trying to help us, we begin to backside right back into hopelessness – that things aren’t going to improve in our business and marriage.


God wants to be this “coach” in our business and marriage, and prayer is our “45-minute coaching call” with Him. Always coming to God through prayer and meditation is what God is seeking in each one of us so that He can take care of the issues.

The bible says:

Then Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. (Luke 18:1 NIV)

Jesus says that no matter what’s going on in your business and marriage, keep praying!

And when the situation is NOT changing, and things are getting WORST, you need to keep praying.

When your spouse loses their trust in your ability to provide for the family, keep praying.

When you are feeling confused about the direction of your business, and you feel like quitting, keep praying.

When your marriage is on the brink of divorce, and you lose half of your clients in one month, keep praying no matter what.

The same way I need to stay in touch with my sales coach, especially during the periods of lower than expected sales, I need to keep in touch with God always by praying for breakthroughs in my business and marriage.

We need to keep praying because our minds will try to convince us that there is no hope, the marriage will never change, and we’ll never amount to anything in business, and nobody wants our products and services, and lie, after lie, after lie…lies from the enemy.

But God wants us to keep praying for our spouses and businesses specifically. This will keep our mindset on hope, faith, and breakthrough. It also keeps the channels open for God to reveal what we need to be doing. He’s our “coach,” and prayer is the daily scheduled check-in.

We’re not supposed to understand it all or have a clear picture. Not every prayer will have an immediate answer. We’re merely supposed to keep the line of communication open.

Godpreneurs, God promises in His Word through prayer, things will turn around in our business and marriage. The bible says in Isaiah 55:11 NIV “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”

When things are looking bad in the business, and the marriage looks dead, this is when we Godpreneurs have an advantage over regular entrepreneurs – we have prayer and open communication with a God that wants nothing more than for us to experience the breakthrough!

Godpreneur rule: Godpreneurs continue to pray for breakthroughs in our business and marriage no matter how hard it looks.