How to Finish What You Start: Part 5 – Be Ready for the Blessings

What happens if an opportunity is presented to us but we're just not ready or prepared enough for the big negotiation table?


A friend of mine gave me the opportunity to work on the website of a huge publicly traded company here in South Florida. It’s the biggest company I’ve ever pitched a proposal to, and up to the writing of this post, it was the biggest proposal I’ve pitched: $150,000.

I was feeling very BOLD, to say the least. Gutsy would be another word.

I put on an amazing presentation, mailed printed and bound portfolios of my work, sent thank you notes…I mean, I went all out to get this account.

When we got to the part about money, they told me flat out that $150,000 was not going to fly. There would be too many people that would need to get involved to move that mountain of money.

But…one gentleman at the table said that if we could start only with his department’s website, he could approve is own smaller budget and we could impress the rest of the organization with their new site and hopefully get the other departments on board next.


It worked, and I won the “startup” contract to get work going.

The guy that gave me a chance saw how prepared I was, how I went above and beyond to show them my process and be organized and would be willing to trust me with presenting me to the entire organization once we do this smaller initial project.

We Godpreneurs are always looking to take our businesses to the next level. We want to swing for bigger clients, bigger projects, and bigger deals. What happens if an opportunity is presented to us but we’re just not ready or prepared enough for the big negotiation table?

Remember that Jesus laid out this principle for us: it is the person who is faithful in the small things who will be entrusted with bigger things. So many of us are trying to get “there,” wherever “there” might be. But when we get there, we’re not ready for it. The great tragedy would be to have a business and be waiting for that moment to come instead of running your business preparing for when that moment comes.

What I have seen working with entrepreneurs since 2005 is that, from our perception, we wonder why God hasn’t given us the opportunities we long for, and from His perception, He wonders why we chose to be unprepared for the opportunities He placed right in front of us.

The bible says:

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)

As a Godpreneur, it’s so extremely important for us to not only be prepared operationally but more importantly, spiritually. I know for a fact that my daily devotional to God, and getting to know him better, is what’s helped me make a better presentation, run a smoother operation, and produce better work for my clients. Why? Because God desires excellence because He is excellence.

You cannot know every challenge you will face or when this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will come, but you can know WHO YOU ARE when that day comes (and sure as the sun will rise, that day will come)!

All of us entrepreneurs could better finish what we start when we’re continually knowing God better throughout the journey. It’s the small readings we do every morning that will prepare us to finish big, and then some!

Are there areas in your business where you feel God has called you to prepare yourself for something larger? How has God rewarded your stewardship of small contracts with the trust of larger ones?

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