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Discover Your Calling as an Entrepreneur

Buy it on Amazon: Discovering Your Calling as an Entrepreneur The Ultimate Purpose-Driven Roadmap to Creating a Business of Meaning and Significance "DISCOVER THE BUSINESS GOD CREATED...

Passionate Entrepreneurs – Take Your Passion Test

A month ago I took a Passion Test with my friend and fellow entrepreneur Derek Hendricks.  He took me through a series of questions...

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Restart Your Business: Day 24 – Pray for Strength

Can I admit that I'm not the best at recognizing when I need to pray.  My prayer life is something I work on, I...

Purpose is Out – Identity is In

Identity is about me doing not just meaningless or average things in my business, but good works, wonderful things that make a difference in the marketplace. This means that my business is important and significant. I matter. What more could I dream of?

Restart Your Business: Day 6 – What’s the Plan?

I do a lot of planning in my company.  When creating an identity or website, a lot of work goes into it.  I wouldn't...