His Love for Entrepreneurs Endures Forever: The History of Creative Complex and God’s...

Today I read Psalm 107 and it was the story of my entrepreneurial career. Psalm 107 The Message (MSG) 1-3 ”Oh, thank God—he’s so good! His love never runs out. All...

Foster a Thankful Attitude at the Office

There is so much need around us in our communities. So many opportunities for our team members to “do good.” And you probably agree with...

Motives for Making Profit

On a previous blog I pointed out that we can bring God into our businesses if we can make a habit of asking for...

The Arnold ArmSTRONG Enterepreneur

I used to go to Gold’s Gym and pump heavy weights. I’d get up to 275 pounds on the bench press. When you’re lifting...

When Times are Good, Forget God

I do it all the time. When things are tough in my business, I’m DEEP into the word of God, searching for answers, digging for...

Choose Faith In Spite Of The Facts

Choose Faith In Spite Of The Facts Notes from Joel Osteen Podcast When you put God first, he’ll take care of you. God can bless you in...

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The 19 Rules of Money Management for Christian Entrepreneurs – Rule 5: Don’t Worry

Through Christ, God has already taken care of our businesses financial needs.

Praying For Your Business

Imagine if we spent as much time praying for our business as we spent looking through social media, watching TV, or the other things...