I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 3 – Gaining Confidence

We're in the business of saving souls in the marketplace, how can you expect it to be easy?

How to Finish What You Start: Part 1 – The Secret to Not Stopping

We all begin our businesses with big hopes and dreams. We may even feel a promise from God of a complete victory, but a failure comes along and we get scared and go back to a comfortable situation, thus we find ourselves the recipient of much less.

How to Find Peace with Terrible Clients (and Employees)

It is Christ who can give us the serenity to be kind in the face of adversity with Business partners

How Godpreneurs Handle Tests and Challenges in Business

Consider lawsuits, bad contracts, terrible hiring decisions, and mistakes in planning a test...a shaping of your wisdom so you can be a better entrepreneur tomorrow.

Count Your Blessings Daily

I have a list to review at least once a week of all the crazy things God has come through within my business. Not kidding,...

Finding Your Purpose in Business: Step 2 – A Godly Mindset

There are times when God gets you out of debt and flourishes your business and times when He allows suffering for His glory.

How to Get Out of a Client Contract You Don’t Want to Be In

Contracts will never fulfill us.  Clients shouldn't be were we get out contentment, but can serve as the fertile ground for God to make himself known through us. And if we each played our part, from web developers to restaurant owners, we would get to heaven and know that in our little business, we were a part of something too big to ever conceive of while we were here.

How to Know that Your Business Matters

Your business is "not in vain." Why not? Because everything your business does in the present somehow will be part of God’s eventual Kingdom.

Before Quitting to Go Work for the Church, Consider This

While you should be thankful for all the people God has called to full time Christian work, you should also be thankful God has put you in your industry doing the business you're in right now and has a reason.

Finding Joy in My Business, Even When I Want To Leave

Whatever my business, God’s gifts enable me to work for the common good, to find more contentment in my work, and/or to overcome or endure the negative aspects of my business situation.

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