5 Ways Struggling Married Entrepreneurs Can Still Win

Wouldn't God now see our true hearts desire for change?

8 Lies of Entrepreneurship: Lie 5 – I’ll Succeed Once I Get Married (or...

I'm married. But I was a single entrepreneur before, so I can speak as to the "before and after" of having a business while...

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How to Part Ways in Business Relationships

I don't like conflict.  I avoid it.  I do everything in my power to block it from my mind.  Sometimes I'll stay in a...

Time to (re)Evaluate Your Identity?

I struggle with identity all the time.  Who am I as an entrepreneur?  What's my next move, and how will others see me when...

Sleepless, Tired, Worried Entrepreneurs

Oh how many sleepless, tireless nights I’ve had as an entrepreneur. Sure, sometimes its GO TIME and you have to pull these all nighters,...