8 Lies of Entrepreneurship: Lie 5 – I’ll Succeed Once I Get Married (or...

I'm married. But I was a single entrepreneur before, so I can speak as to the "before and after" of having a business while...

No More Business Lunches with Females

As a business owner, I do a lot of lunch meetings. Sometimes these business lunch meetings are with women. It would be about business. But...

Why Challenges in My Marriage Make My Business Better

Godpreneurs are confident in the Lord no matter the circumstances

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Grabbing Hold of Your Destiny to Become a Millionaire

God's plan for you is that they have a victorious life even under difficult financial circumstances

Waiting on God in Your Business: Part 5 – Three Benefits of Waiting

When we learn how to wait in our businesses on the promises of the Lord and as we meditate on Him and His character our thoughts will begin to change from the negatives (debt, insecurity, failure) to the goodness and faithfulness of the promise keeper

When Entrepreneurs Wake Up Frustrated and Confused

Sometimes I wake up so frustrated at the things I’m doing or NOT doing in my business. I know the power in focusing on...