When Entrepreneurs are at their Weakest, We Need This

I've had a period of time where I was Sued for thousands of dollars by a client who was being sued by someone else...

Conflict Means You’re On The Right Track

I've learned an amazing skill that I want to share with you today. There are times in our entrepreneurial life where the problems and attacks...

The Pleasure of Going through Pain in Business

When I offer my struggles in business to God, it removes it from contaminating my mind and opens me up to receive the solution. In the torment of pain, I choose to spend my emotional energy and mental capacity on thinking logically. I need to pass this off in order of move on.

The Cure for Entrepreneurs that Worry or are Jealous

There are two areas in my entrepreneurial walk that still trip me up sometimes and I’m constantly having to work on: worry and envy. The...

The Terrible Boss

I've admitted to you before: I was a terrible boss. I love people. Everyone will tell you I’m a very nice guy. But when it...

Help, I’m Stuck Trading Time for Money

God wants to turn you and I lose to use us for much greater things. If you haven't gotten this bug yet, then you will. God's still tweaking a few things in you, then he'll reveal.

Uncovering What Business You Were Born To Do – Step 6 – Finding Your...

Our challenge is to balance my gifts, my talents, and my passions.

7 Steps to Mastering Integrity in Your Business Life

7 Godpreneur Rules to Mastering Integrity in Your Business Life

Finding Your Purpose in Business: Step 3 – Believe Big

God can use an entrepreneurs faith in big ways in your business.

Becoming a Godpreneur – Part 7: Influencing Others

We Godpreneurs have the ability to be a light for others to see God in us. I had a client tell me once thought he thought I was a fortune teller, but I quickly corrected him and said that was God within me.

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How Do We Know What to Do NEXT in Our Businesses?

I have the privilege of meeting with entrepreneurs either before they start their business or at a big turning point in their current business....

You’ll Get Knocked Down, This Will Bring You Up

It took Edison 10,000 tries before he invented the lightbulb. Although I'm not inventing the lightbulb, I'm doing my own invention with my business.  I'm...