Finding Purpose In Your Business Partnership: Part 1 – Called To Co-Create

God’s big idea is that He created you and your partner to bear His image in the marketplace.

Your Business Partnership Could Be a Testimony to Others

Your business partnership could have an impact on others, both good and bad.

Business Partnerships Are Hard: Part 3 – This Poison is Killing the Business

When you hold on to anger, it poisons your soul and the soul of the business.

I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 5 – Rest to Run Farther

We begin to tap into our own strength (never a good idea) instead of staying hooking on God's GPS.

I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 4 – Commitment to the Plan

Whether things are going well for you, or you're in a storm, your commitment can't change.

Visions To Life – Step 1: What You Were Born To Do

God's vision for us entrepreneurs is what should drive the decision of what business we should be in

Waiting on God in Your Business: Part 2 – Join the Club

The process of waiting in business can be our friend or it can be our foe, it can be positive or negative, it can be exciting or it can be nerve-racking; ultimately the choice is yours.

How to Finish What You Start: Part 2 – Forget the Past

Jesus clearly imparted to all of His disciples: You cannot follow me into the future if you are holding on to your past.

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