Business Partnership is Like Marriage…From This Day Forward

When you’re putting your business idea together, there’s an amazing excitement that happens at the beginning. You tell a couple of friends, and next...

Why I Respectfully Decline Nightclub Work

Choices—we all make them every day in our businesses. But in the end, they make us.

Good Fighting in Business Partnerships – Part 2: Fighting for Fairness

We naturally think an eye for an eye, good for good and bad for bad...but that's not what Godpreneurs in partnerships do.

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 4 – Fess Up to Your Partners

Confessing our broken thoughts and actions to God allows him to create a crack in the false images that we’ve worked so hard to perfect.

Restart Your Business: Day 15 – God is CEO

It's important to me that my team know that God is the real CEO.  I'm more like a manager.  This is a nice thought,...

Generosity To Clients Gets You Paid More

Effective entrepreneurs strive to be generous with others. We understand the boomerang effect of generosity—it always comes back to us.

Living Vision to the Full

The other day I sat with an entrepreneur that told me “I don’t go to church, but I know I’m doing what I’m supposed...

Fixing Business Partnerships Gone Wrong – Step 2: Great Expectations

The first year or two of owning a business with my friends was so exciting!  We were kicking butt, hiring people, got a cool...

Stories of Faith In Your Business

I love telling stories of how God came through for me miraculously at the last minute in my business. He brought the perfect circumstances for...

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Rise Up and Take What is Yours: God’s Business Growth Plan

At the end of 2014 I decided that I was going to go in a radically different direction with my business.  I knew God...

You’re in the Right Place

We Godpreneurs can't let fear distract us from living a life in God's full will. He needs us in order to impact the business world. He needs our minds and hearts in the right places: focused on the marketplace mission field he has you on right now, no matter how insignificant we may think it is.

When Entrepreneurs are at their Weakest, We Need This

I've had a period of time where I was Sued for thousands of dollars by a client who was being sued by someone else...