A Vision for Good

Is your vision to do good? When your customer gives a testimonial, will they satisfy your vision’s hunger? My vision is for my clients’ lives to...

What to do with God’s Entrepreneurial Vision

If you read my previous post, you’ll read on how to partner with God on your business decisions. So now what? Once you discover what God...

Whoever Said “Chase Your Dreams” is Dumb

I'm not kidding, but the guy who quoted "Don't Follow Your Dreams, Chase Them" is a gentleman by the name of Richard Dumb (look...

Restart Your Business: Day 25 – Illegal Activities

The other day my accountant warned me that I was going to owe a lot in taxes this year.  It was a good revenue...

A Burning Desire

Since 2005, entrepreneurs have sought out my advice in business, mostly related to marketing and branding. Beginning in 2013, I've felt a deep burden to...

The Visionary Missionary

The Visionary Missionary Blog for The World Race Gabe Sanchez Meet my great friend Gabe Sanchez! I have the privilege to know Gabe as a brother in...

How I Left the Strip Club Industry

My company used to be heavily involved in nightlife marketing.  Along with marketing nightclubs, we also helped some strip clubs with their flyer designs. ...

Restart Your Business: Day 4 – Who’s Your Team

When I restarted my business in November of 2014, I literally let go of more than 3/4 of my staff.  Those that stuck around...

How to Turn Worry Into Planning

When I first started my agency, my personal plans were along the lines of building a big agency and making a lot of money...

Mountain Biking is like Owning a Business

Once you have the vision, once you know your purpose as a business owner, God wants you to abound in knowledge and insight and be pure and blameless, making decisions that reflect God’s entrepreneurial vision for your life. That’s how God helps you reach your goals!

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Born to Do – Part 4: Decide Already

Wherever you are right now, you need to make sure that you're walking close to the one who has the treasure map and tells you where to turn. He'll guide you always.

Finding My Calling in Business: Part 3 – Called to Create a Business

Our value as Godpreneurs is inherent in our design, and we each reflect God’s intended purpose through our businesses.

Restart Your Business: Day 28 – Our Daily Bread

Almost every morning I have a routine.  I wake up at sunrise, make a powerful cup of bulletproof coffee (Google that!), sit down in...