Practical Advice on ‘Keeping Your Word’ In Business

What does it take to purify our hearts and keep our integrity in business?

How to Make Wrongs Right in Business

Are there any wrongs in your marketplace that you hunger to see, right?

How to Handle Hurt In Business – God’s Way

What do you see wrong in your industry that you feel you have the solution to?

Easter Devotional for Godpreneurs – [Day 7] A Prayer for Jesus to Save...

I'm a "seeing is believing" kinda guy. I grew up in the Catholic church but didn't continue after high school. I spent all of...

Easter Devotional for Godpreneurs – [Day 6] What Does Jesus’ Ascension Mean for My...

From elementary school, I can always remember being in some kind of leadership position. I liked to be president of the student government or...

Easter Devotional for Godpreneurs – [Day 5] What Does Jesus’ Resurrection Mean for...

I was talking with some entrepreneur friends of mine the other day about the different gurus out there and the impact these wise people...

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