BOOK REVIEW – Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Educate yourself and prepare your business to steward the financial blessings God has in store for you

Giving the Credit to God

We're called to be compassionate and good humans here on earth.

Stressful Accounting Meetings

Maybe some of you like your periodic meetings with your accountant. I didn’t particularly care for them. But I know they are 100% necessary,...

I Can Be a Godpreneur and Still Love Money

God is the CEO, our only master, and we choose not to let money into our hearts and take His place.

Your Attitude Can Be Keeping You From More

What happens if your attitude is stuck in material possessions?

Have a Positive, Godly Attitude About Money

We are Godpreneurs and made in God's image.

More Money, More Happy

Only Jesus will truly satisfy!

Avoid The Income Strategies of Your Parents

Fill yourself with new, Godly beliefs!

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