Keys to Successful Christian Business Blogging – Key 8: Be God’s Messanger

When you blog, God's character will shine through to the reader

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Wisdom Wednesdays – Godpreneur’s Guide to Getting Rich

Money is simply an exchange of your gifts and talents for a piece of currency that is good to buy other gifts and talents from other people.

Becoming a Godpreneur – Part 6: The Big Picture

We all have a vision that is part of God's vision. But what if we can't see what that is? We've become masters at separating the work side from our spiritual side. We entrepreneurs are great at leading, taking charge, and (most of the times) not even bringing God into the decision making.

Fixing Business Partnerships Gone Wrong – Step 1: Back to Basics

In 2005 I formed a 3-way partnership with two of my really good friends.  One was a graphic designer, one was a website developer,...