Avoid The Income Strategies of Your Parents

God designed us to be creatures of habit, and when we’ve learned something, it’s not easy to unlearn it.


When I first started my business, saving money wasn’t on my mind. As money came in, the money went out. I didn’t think to manage money, that being the accountant’s job. My job was to go out, bring money in, and spend it.

One day, the accountant told me I owed $20,000 in employee taxes. I wasn’t managing my money, and I ended up in big problems with the IRS.

How could I have let this happen? I’m an ivy league Cornell University graduate, educated in business!

I can explain myself- -in my house, my mom did the financial management, and my dad went out and earned money. By financial management, I mean that my dad would go out and buy cool stuff and come home with a new car out-of-the-blue, and my mom would have to “manage” the situation and get us through the new financial time.

We entrepreneurs have an internalized attitude towards money and fortune that isn’t just based on what we hear our parents say about money, but also on one specifically conditioned behavioral pattern- -the way our parents earned their money, and the way they handled it.


Maybe your situation isn’t the same as mine. Perchance, your parent’s parents lived through World War II or an economic crisis, and their experiences of scarcity influenced your behavioral patterns; you’ll always think that whatever money you have can never be enough.

Regardless, God wants to be our new money guide and lead us in his way of thinking.

The bible says:

Let them alone; they are blind guides. And if the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” (Matthew 15:14 ESV)

The experiences you had growing up are essential for your first steps in owning a business and dealing with the profits because you’ve studied your parents’ behavior precisely and saved them in your subconscious. When you start earning money in your business, you’ll imitate the income patterns of your parents without discerning it.

I, myself, had steadily emulated this pattern of spending and financial mismanagement in my early business endeavors- -without understanding the root of my failure!

God designed us to be creatures of habit, and when we’ve learned something, it’s not easy to unlearn it. We can only break away from our parental thought structures later, by making ourselves aware of them and consciously flipping the switch by filling ourselves with new, Godly beliefs.

Godpreneur Rule: Godpreneurs are conscious about spending money with a Godly perspective