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Stepping Into What You Were Born To Do – Step 2: You Gotta Have...

Faith is acknowledging that whatever business venture you're about to head into, God is at your side, and with Him, you will not be shaken.

God Needs My Money

God doesn't need a small portion of our money. It's His money in the first place.

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Why My Business Matters

The more I understand, truly and deeply, God's will for the entire world, the more I understand His will for my clients. The brand story that I come up with for my clients is shaped by God's own story for their lives, his purpose becomes their purpose, and my heart becomes his own.

Why Entrepreneurs are Fat

Why is it that so called ‘successful’ entrepreneurs complain of headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure, alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity, insomnia, and you fill in...

Overcoming Work Addiction: Step 6 – New Perspective

Recognizing easy things we turn to at work to soothe our work addiction is easy. Uncovering behavioral addiction objects (like snapping at employees or manipulating clients) can be a bit trickier. Knowing that God wants to take us through it, that's amazing!