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Alex Miranda is an entrepreneur in Miami Florida. He built his first business at the age of 25, a web & graphic design agency for small business owners. Alex taught that creating a perfect brand required some deep soul searching into why you're doing this and lining your business up with your soul's purpose.

Easter Devotional for Godpreneurs – [Day 3] Can Jesus Relate to My Business...

I never thought that God and business mixed. I never imagined that Jesus' life here on earth would provide such a great example on me and how I should run my company. After all,...

Easter Devotional for Godpreneurs – [Day 2] Can Jesus Save My Business?

I've been checking my heart a lot more to see if the things I'm doing in my business are lined up with the way God would want me to lead. I'll admit, it looks ugly...

Easter Devotional for Godpreneurs – [Day 1] Is Jesus Something More for My...

I've known about Jesus my whole life. My parents brought me up Catholic. I eventually came to have a more personal relationship with him. That's when I began to scratch the surface on who...

Why Challenges in My Marriage Make My Business Better

Godpreneurs are confident in the Lord no matter the circumstances

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I go through seasons in my entrepreneurial career.  There's a season where I expand on my ideas and bring them to life.  Then there's...

Entrepreneurs, God Says You’re Heavy with Favor

Entrepreneurs, God Says You're Heavy with Favor On Monday mornings I live listening to Joel Osteen. Great way to get my week started, very inspiring. I’ll...