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Alex Miranda is an entrepreneur in Miami Florida. He built his first business at the age of 25, a web & graphic design agency for small business owners. Alex taught that creating a perfect brand required some deep soul searching into why you're doing this and lining your business up with your soul's purpose.

TikTok – What’s The Strategy For Christian Personal Brands?

I’ve put together a mix of strategies, tips, and advice on building a Christian personal brand on TikTok.

Your Purpose in Business will Bear Fruit

What was happening to me as I drew closer to God in my business?

Your Purpose in Business is Your Own

How do we know if what we're doing is our own, our parents, or God's vision for our business lives?

The Perfect Morning Routine for Christian Entrepreneurs

Transform your creativity, performance, utility, wealth and productivity by simply following this morning routine.

How My Business Funds My Disney Habit

We business owners are all in this to make money, but the question is - why?

Stop Rushing Everything in Business – Part 5: Finding Rest Throughout Your Business Day

Am I the only one that finds it extremely difficult to not work on Sundays? Like Chick-fil-A, I'd love to be 100% closed on Sunday, but I can't shut my mind off from thinking about...

Stop Rushing Everything in Business – Part 4: Slowing Down Increases Love

Do you have a spirit of peace right now, or anxiety for that business idea you have? Here's how to experience PEACE.

Stop Rushing Everything in Business – Part 3: Rushing is a Joy Killer

How can we experience more joy on our entrepreneurial journey? What do we do to recover the joy we once felt? Where can we find the daily fill of joy we need to make it through the day instead of sputtering out.

Stop Rushing Everything in Business – Part 2: Slowing Down Increases Love

As entrepreneurs, how do we stop the rush-crazed pace we're demanded to operate under, especially in environments where it seems everything is a rush job?

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