You’re in the Right Place

It's not the place that needs to change. It's our perspective that needs adjustment.


I’ll admit that I live with a restlessness that cripples me with fear, anxiety and frustration.

You’re not going to believe me when I tell you what’s killing me…

Here we go – what’s killing me is that I feel at times I’m not living out my purpose.  I feel like there’s so much more for me to do.  I wrestle with so many books I want to write and courses I want to teach that it paralyzes me.

From the outside looking in, I realize that I’m accomplishing a lot, pushing God’s agenda forward, and making progress on many fronts in my business.  But I’m human, and different fears loom over me still.

We all have fears that hold us back from reaching our full potential.


We know a lot about our businesses, we even know our mission and many of us known our purpose. We know we’re supposed to be in the will of God at all times. But knowing it and actually feeling it fully are two different things.

Many of us think that if we change our business model, switch industries, jump ship to another client or close up shop and open up a new business in a different place, we’ll FEEL that propose we’re seeking.

The truth is most of us have enough opportunity right in front of us.

It’s not the place that needs to change.  It’s our perspective that needs adjustment.

The place where God had me and you right now is significant, even if you’re struggling to find clients or dealing with a terrible employee.  God’s placed us here and had a very important use for it.

The bible says

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

Matthew 6:33

Maybe you’re exactly where God wants you to be, but you’re still seeking to please man or yourself.

When you’re seeking to please God, all fear goes away because you’re in his will.  When you seek to please others or yourself, you open the door to doubt, frustration, fear of rejection, thoughts that your business doesn’t matter, that where you’re at right now isn’t significant and that you won’t succeed.

We Godpreneurs can’t let fear distract us from living a life in God’s full will.  He needs us in order to impact the business world.  He needs our minds and hearts in the right places: focused on the marketplace mission field he has you on right now, no matter how insignificant we may think it is.

What makes you afraid of where you’re at right now?

How can you be more intentional in your current situation?