I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 2 – Fearlessly Attack the Marketplace

Was it the rock that won the battle? No. It was the lack of fear to go after his calling.

How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 1 – Redirect Your Focus

Seeing God answer a prayer or a promise in our business is pretty easy. Waiting on God to do so can be very hard. Especially when God doesn’t come through for a while.

Staying the Course In Business: Part 5 – Accountability and Growth While Waiting

To become mature in our faith, we Godpreneurs need to make sure we are under solid biblical preaching and teaching.

Staying the Course In Business: Part 1 – You’re Being Perfected

We all experience trials in our businesses. The most challenging ones can build us or break us

Waiting on God in Your Business: Part 1 – Holding on to a Promise

When God is promising something to us in our business it is actually in seed form

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 4 – Fess Up to Your Partners

Confessing our broken thoughts and actions to God allows him to create a crack in the false images that we’ve worked so hard to perfect.

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 3 – 50/50 is Not Real

Accept and love your business partners without demanding that he or she change, resist the vortex of despair and blame, and stand in faith that God will complete a good work in the business

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 2 – Managing Anger and Disappointment

Reframe anger and disappointment as holy invitations rather than dire pronouncements.

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