You’re Too Successful When…

Being an entrepreneur is akin to a roller coaster ride. When times are good, you’re on top of the world. The ride up is...

The Audience of One

I have to admit that I let my business be guided by market trends, what my competitors are doing and, sadly, chasing after profits. I...

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 4 – Fess Up to Your Partners

Confessing our broken thoughts and actions to God allows him to create a crack in the false images that we’ve worked so hard to perfect.

Secret 11 – You have to think highly of yourself if you want...

When your creator has called YOU and given you the vision, you are to tell the whole world and let your light shine!

2 Steps to Disciplining Employees – God’s Way

I’m not sure if I told you, but I stink at managing people. Its something that doesn’t come as natural as marketing does. I...

When Business is in Trouble, Remember This

I’ve been through my shares of ups and downs in my business. And when the downs come, it seems like everything around me is...

Good Fighting in Business Partnerships – Part 3: Fight Right

How can we have conflicting talks that build up and not tear down?

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Slacker Employees: How to Handle Them for Success

I’m one of those entrepreneurs that has bought into the mentality of “nobody can do it better than I can.” So when someone did...

Lessons from Partnerships Gone Wrong

When I first started my business, the partnership between the founders was great!  Two of my best friends coming together to take matters into...

How Project Planning Doubled My Profits

The prudent business owner understands that everything does not turn out the way it seems it will at first glance.