Opportunities to Sell, Even in a Jail Cell

I go to the driving range often to work on my golf swing.  One time there was a man who would talk to anyone...

Why Selling Can Be a Drag, and How to Overcome

In any given year, I'll have thousands of great ideas in my business, but most of them die in my mind.  A good amount...

Does Your Product or Service Change Lives?

I was listening to a sales training and the speaker said something that I can't stop thinking about.  He said that the best sales...

Including Gifts in Your Marketing

Back when we were a graphic design fulfillment company, I would send artwork on canvas to my clients every year.  It was an awesome...

How to Reply to Nasty Clients

The other day my coordinator followed up with a lead I had spoken to back in March about a branding and website package.  My...

Stop Chasing Money…Instead Let it Chase You!

As entrepreneurs, we all do it. We seek the pleasure of unstable things such as approval of employees, big money accounts, power over competitors, beautiful...

God’s Cure for Ups and Downs in Sales

There's nothing more satisfying than closing the big deal, collecting that huge check and running that credit card for a big dollar amount.  The...

Dangers of Instant Gratification for Entrepreneurs

I have a problem. I have a client that needs a significant amount graphic design work done in his company. I recently changed my business...

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The Secret to Success – God’s Way

Success God's way is not judging each day by the amount of money I make, but by the seeds I plant.

Giving the Credit to God

We're called to be compassionate and good humans here on earth.