Finding My Calling in Business: Part 5 – How to Find Your Calling in...

Spend time praying for God to reveal his calling in your life

Finding My Calling in Business: Part 4 – Why Knowing Your Calling Is Important

When we are faithful to the entrepreneurial callings God has placed upon our lives, we will experience meaning, significance, and wholeness in our business. If our priorities are messed up, we will not.

Finding My Calling in Business: Part 3 – Called to Create a Business

Our value as Godpreneurs is inherent in our design, and we each reflect God’s intended purpose through our businesses.

Finding My Calling in Business: Part 1 – A Crisis Solved

God wants entrepreneurs to make a difference in the business world through their unique gifts.

Failed in a Business Venture? Here’s Why You Need to Try Again

Entrepreneurship hurts—but it is well worth the pain and sacrifice

Rich Clients are a Pain in My Brand

Weak entrepreneurs may insist on status, formality, and appearances, but God sees us for what we are.

Thinking About Giving Up as an Entrepreneur? Read this.

God may change your direction but He will not abandon you. If you persist, you will discover the entrepreneurial purpose He has designed for your life

Finding Your Purpose in Business: Step 5 – Defining Success

God is the ultimate measure of what’s real and what’s good for our entrepreneurial purpose. Yet so many business owners I meet with try to find contentment without Him even in the picture.

Finding Your Purpose in Business: Step 4 – Godly Business Ideas

Godpreneurs constantly ask me, “How do I know if my business idea is from the Lord, or if it’s just what I want?” I can't...

Finding Your Purpose in Business: Step 3 – Believe Big

God can use an entrepreneurs faith in big ways in your business.

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