Distraction-Free Godpreneurs – Part 1: It’s All Around Us

Godpreneurs must fight to guide our products and services in the direction God has called us.

I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 2 – Fearlessly Attack the Marketplace

Was it the rock that won the battle? No. It was the lack of fear to go after his calling.

I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 1 – Quality Time with God

You're here to accomplish God's goals and assignments for you.

How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 6 – Uncovering Your Entrepreneurial Calling

God gives you gifts according to His plans for your entrepreneurial venture.

How to Finish What You Start: Part 4 – Ask and Receive

God can't give us what He wants until we know what we want because it would be a wasted effort.

How to Finish What You Start: Part 3 – Dump the “To-Do” Lists

To-do lists stress us out. Why? Because there's a zombie-like automation that we wake up with to go through the motions. Like zombies, we're walking...dead!

How to Finish What You Start: Part 2 – Forget the Past

Jesus clearly imparted to all of His disciples: You cannot follow me into the future if you are holding on to your past.

Proper Ambition in Business: Part 1 – Good and Bad Ambition

When we create a business out of a motivation to make a name for ourselves, we are attempting to rob God's glory that is rightfully His.

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