How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 2 – Whistle While You Wait

Maybe your circumstances in business appear to be upside down, but God is always right-side up!

Before Quitting to Go Work for the Church, Consider This

While you should be thankful for all the people God has called to full time Christian work, you should also be thankful God has put you in your industry doing the business you're in right now and has a reason.

Finding My Calling in Business: Part 1 – A Crisis Solved

God wants entrepreneurs to make a difference in the business world through their unique gifts.

8 Lies of Entrepreneurship: Lie 2 – God’s Not in My Industry

I've had my non-believer friends tell me "The bible was written so long ago by people that don't know things today, that's why I...

Finding Your Purpose in Business: Step 4 – Godly Business Ideas

Godpreneurs constantly ask me, “How do I know if my business idea is from the Lord, or if it’s just what I want?” I can't...

Finding My Calling in Business: Part 4 – Why Knowing Your Calling Is Important

When we are faithful to the entrepreneurial callings God has placed upon our lives, we will experience meaning, significance, and wholeness in our business. If our priorities are messed up, we will not.

Thinking About Giving Up as an Entrepreneur? Read this.

God may change your direction but He will not abandon you. If you persist, you will discover the entrepreneurial purpose He has designed for your life

Opportunity Is All Around You – Are You Around?

Sometimes I wish I worked for a big advertising agency where leads were handed to me, the operations was already a well-oiled machine that...

Identity is at the Core of Most of Our Business Problems.  Here’s the Solution.

We all have the same choice: we can keep looking at the service or product we offer as a means to an end (money in the bank) or we can see the same offerings through God's bigger purpose and let that drive us to continue to innovate and offer the best solutions that God (through you) has to offer.

When Entrepreneurs are at their Weakest, We Need This

I've had a period of time where I was Sued for thousands of dollars by a client who was being sued by someone else...

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