Stop Chasing Money…Instead Let it Chase You!

As entrepreneurs, we all do it. We seek the pleasure of unstable things such as approval of employees, big money accounts, power over competitors, beautiful...

Finding Your Purpose in Business: Step 4 – Godly Business Ideas

Godpreneurs constantly ask me, “How do I know if my business idea is from the Lord, or if it’s just what I want?” I can't...

The Prodigal Entrepreneur

I don't know about you, but when things start to go great in my business, I do less praying and seeking of God, and...

Becoming a Godpreneur – Part 3: Definition

We can try to have the most clients and the highest revenues or the most awards. We can try to be the best at a certain speciality job. But having a bunch of clients or most employees doesn’t define who we are. We have to realize that others cannot create our identity.

Opportunity Is All Around You – Are You Around?

Sometimes I wish I worked for a big advertising agency where leads were handed to me, the operations was already a well-oiled machine that...

How Asking for Help Saved My Business

I'm horrible at accounting.  Ok, let me rephrase this.  I took finance and accounting in Cornell and lets just say that I loved the...

Lessons from Partnerships Gone Wrong

When I first started my business, the partnership between the founders was great!  Two of my best friends coming together to take matters into...

Born to Do – Part 2: God’s Perspective

We entrepreneurs can sometimes second guess our businesses and our ideas. We can't really find the connection between what we do and what God wants done in the world.

Becoming a Godpreneur – Part 6: The Big Picture

We all have a vision that is part of God's vision. But what if we can't see what that is? We've become masters at separating the work side from our spiritual side. We entrepreneurs are great at leading, taking charge, and (most of the times) not even bringing God into the decision making.

Born To Do – Part 1: Finding Your Way

I led a bible study at my warehouse for entrepreneurs in my church.  The book we read helped us all recognize our gifts and...

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Business Partnership is Like Marriage…From This Day Forward

When you’re putting your business idea together, there’s an amazing excitement that happens at the beginning. You tell a couple of friends, and next...

I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 1 – Quality Time with God

You're here to accomplish God's goals and assignments for you.

Born to Do – Part 7: The Key to Happiness

God cares that your entrepreneurial calling be represented in the world in the best way possible so that people will know exactly who you are and are magnetically attracted to working with you. Then, it's your duty to develop a relationship with that prospect, turn them into a client, and be a light in their life.