I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 3 – Gaining Confidence

We're in the business of saving souls in the marketplace, how can you expect it to be easy?

I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 2 – Fearlessly Attack the Marketplace

Was it the rock that won the battle? No. It was the lack of fear to go after his calling.

I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 1 – Quality Time with God

You're here to accomplish God's goals and assignments for you.

God’s Right On Time: Part 5 – A Victorious Mindset

As an Entrepreneur, It serves you no good to have doubt in your mind.

God’s Right On Time: Part 4 – A Moment of Inspiration

God is right there whispering in our ears the answers to the deepest things that trouble us.

God’s Right On Time: Part 1 – Listening to the Spirit

It's during hard times we need to draw closest to God - and He'll draw close to us.

In God, We Entrepreneurs Trust: Part 5 – How to Trust When We Can’t...

What do we do when we're trying to find a way to trust God, but it's more difficult said than done?

In God, We Entrepreneurs Trust: Part 4 – The Benefits of Trusting God

God is right there with you, sitting at the corner of the desk, looking straight at you, ready to protect, defend, and honor you as a Godpreneur.

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