Saturday, November 25, 2017

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Identity is at the Core of Most of Our Business Problems.  Here’s the Solution.

We all have the same choice: we can keep looking at the service or product we offer as a means to an end (money in the bank) or we can see the same offerings through God's bigger purpose and let that drive us to continue to innovate and offer the best solutions that God (through you) has to offer.

The Secret to Finding Your Calling in Business

God invites us to serve in the ordinary businesses we lead. What makes a business extraordinary is when we're able to love our clients like God loves us. This is when we get to live our the gospel and hopefully share it with partners, vendors, contractors, employees and clients.

You’ve Planned Your Business – Now This is the Secret to Making it Succeed

When I first started my company I told people I did logos and websites. But that's not how God would describe what I do. When I...