Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 4 – Fess Up to Your Partners

Confessing our broken thoughts and actions to God allows him to create a crack in the false images that we’ve worked so hard to perfect.

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 3 – 50/50 is Not Real

Accept and love your business partners without demanding that he or she change, resist the vortex of despair and blame, and stand in faith that God will complete a good work in the business

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 2 – Managing Anger and Disappointment

Reframe anger and disappointment as holy invitations rather than dire pronouncements.

Making Business Partnerships Great: Part 1 – Expectations

We all have expectations of being on the same page when we get into business with others. But what happens when our expectations are shattered and what we thought would go one way, goes the opposite way.

The Power of Business Partners Fighting Together

In my previous business partnerships, I'm convinced they didn't work because we were fighting for different causes. I was on a spiritual revolution and I...

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