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Wisdoms Wednesdays: Leave An Inheritance, Even If You’re Broke

For many years as an entrepreneur I didn't make any money.  I struggled month to month, paycheck to paycheck.  I paid my bills, and...

Overcoming Work Addiction: Step 4 – Dig Deep

You are a Godpreneur. You are made in God’s image. Because of this, you must deal with whatever stresses you in the way that God, your designer and CEO, has made you to, rather than allowing your stresses to lead you to addictions. God has built you in a way such that your ultimate happiness and relief can only be found in Him. All other solutions are temporary, and in many cases you will be worse off than when we started (like me...I got into more debt).

Restart Your Business: Day 27 – All Talents on Deck

My company had a huge client presentation at the office.  These presentations are where I reveal the new logo and website to the client. ...