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Restart Your Business: Day 14 – Equipping Your Team

In July of 2014 I installed an 'INTRANET' at my company.  An intranet is a private network within my company.  Only employees and contractors...

Overcoming Work Addiction: Step 1 – Become Aware

We entrepreneurs all have addictions.  Most of us are addicted to coffee or some kind of stimulant to keep us full throttle. . We want to be on full throttle because we have a lot of things we feel we need to accomplish and not enough time in the day. . But if we don't put God first in our life, our addictions can overcome us and destroy our plans.

God’s Conditions for a Prosperous and Successful Business Growth Plan

When I first started going back to church in 2008, it was with one foot in and one foot out. It felt good to...