How Asking for Help Saved My Business

I'm horrible at accounting.  Ok, let me rephrase this.  I took finance and accounting in Cornell and lets just say that I loved the...

Stressful Accounting Meetings

Maybe some of you like your periodic meetings with your accountant. I didn’t particularly care for them. But I know they are 100% necessary,...

Motives for Making Profit

On a previous blog I pointed out that we can bring God into our businesses if we can make a habit of asking for...

Entrepreneurs are God’s Managers of People and Profits

I was watching the show “The Profit” and Marcus said that many small businesses have layers of management that shouldn’t be there. This salon...

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Sleepless, Tired, Worried Entrepreneurs

Oh how many sleepless, tireless nights I’ve had as an entrepreneur. Sure, sometimes its GO TIME and you have to pull these all nighters,...

Restart Your Business: Day 24 – Pray for Strength

Can I admit that I'm not the best at recognizing when I need to pray.  My prayer life is something I work on, I...

Born to Do – Part 3: The Waiting Period

More often than not though, we are trying to fit God into our busy lives. A waiting period has us realize that we've drifted and we need to come back to face north.