Saturday, November 25, 2017

How Asking for Help Saved My Business

I'm horrible at accounting.  Ok, let me rephrase this.  I took finance and accounting in Cornell and lets just say that I loved the...

Stressful Accounting Meetings

Maybe some of you like your periodic meetings with your accountant. I didn’t particularly care for them. But I know they are 100% necessary,...

Motives for Making Profit

On a previous blog I pointed out that we can bring God into our businesses if we can make a habit of asking for...

Entrepreneurs are God’s Managers of People and Profits

I was watching the show “The Profit” and Marcus said that many small businesses have layers of management that shouldn’t be there. This salon...

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How to Walk Away From ‘Too-Good-to-Be-True’ Business Deals

A friend of mine calls me with a potentially huge project - big money, global brand, lots of room for growth.  There was real...

You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hungry

You're not yourself when you're hungry. I love that Snickers commercial.  It's so true!  My wife calls it being "hangry," a combo of hungry and...

Becoming a Godpreneur – Part 4: Surrounded by Supporters

Part of living a godly life is having a group of friends who support you in your relationship with Him. Being a part of a godly community is vital in not forgetting that who we are is defined by God and not others.