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Stepping Into What You Were Born To Do – Step 2: You Gotta Have...

Faith is acknowledging that whatever business venture you're about to head into, God is at your side, and with Him, you will not be shaken.

God Needs My Money

God doesn't need a small portion of our money. It's His money in the first place.

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One thing is for certain:  in my business I deal with a lot of uncertainty. Uncertain where the next client will come from. Uncertain how long...

Restart Your Business: Day 38 – Give Thanks

On Day 37 I spoke about the powerful nature of a song I dedicated to my wife, and how listening to a song you've...

Great learning app from Google

Check out Google Primer. It has marketing lessons you can take wherever and whenever you have 5 minutes free. http://g.co/primer I always encourage my entrepreneurs...