About Alex Miranda


Most people know me as the owner of The Creative Complex, a web and graphic design company I started with a couple of my friends in 2005.

Some of you know me as the former South Beach nightclub promoter.

Others remember me from Cornell University class of 2003 and member of Sigma Pi Fraternity.

However we came across each other’s path, God has a plan for it.



My wife Stephanie and I met in May of 2009, engaged October 2010, and married June 2011.

My son Gavin Miranda is an Eagle Scout and an entrepreneur like his dad 🙂

Oh….and did I tell you that I LOVE CAT!  I have two.  Smokey is a silver color-point Persian and Wabadoo is a Himilayan.

We live in South Florida and I LOVE to CrossFit 🙂



10584765_322525811240646_1643307166_a[1]In 2005 I started a digital marketing company with my friends and we grew it to close to $500,000 a year in sales.  I started several other businesses in between.  Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs bring their visions to life.

I’ve also failed in several business attempts.  Well, I don’t consider them failures.  Rather, wisdom gained 🙂


fc353a20df2311e2ad5822000aaa094d_6[1]In 2008, I lost my brother Jose Miranda, an orthopoedic surgeon in the U.S. Army.  Before his passing, he shared his purpose in life…to do medical missions once he was done serving in the Army.  His life was cut short, but his dream continues today.  Jose’s Hands is a 501(c)3 that gives scholarships and grants to health students going on medical mission trips.  Up to 2014, we’ve sent 56 students to 5 countries across the Caribbean, Central and South America.  My goal is to send 10,000 students on medical missions across the globe.

Donate to my charity here.


925886_604929322955345_1682708801_a[1]Each year my wife and friends participate on medical missions to the Caribbean, Central and South America.  We’re not doctors, but we help in translating, prayer, and physical labor.

Join us on our next trip, click here.


View More: http://chrissosaphotography.pass.us/alexmirandaI love speaking and I’m working on my first book.  I love sharing my story on how I left the nightlife business, how I turned tragedy into triumph with my non-profit, and how God has an business vision for all of us entrepreneurs and it’s our duty, obligation and responsibility to fulfill it.  Invite me to speak at your church!

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